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The city is more dynamic and creative here than anywhere else. Friedrichshain has an almost magnetic draw for young people and those who remained so.

The former industrial area has developed within a short period of time into a centre for design, fashion, art, music and entertainment: Viva, MTV, Universal, Zapa, Pyramid, the German Architecture Centre (DAZ) and many others are located here. Another highlight was created by US investor Phil Anschütz on a 21 hectare site next to Eastern Station (Ostbahnhof). A superlative event location, the O²-Arena, opened here in September 2008 with a Bon Jovi concert. This gives Berlin back a little piece of history: being the metropolis and birthplace for films and shows.

The neighbourhood around Simon-Dach-Strasse and Boxhagener Platz with its bars, restaurants, clubs, boutiques and designer shops is known far beyond Germany's borders. There is the right location for every taste and demand here: from simple and elegant to fine and bourgeois, from punk to couture, from alternative to hip. The neighbourhood gives everybody the freedom to bring their personal lifestyle to the world in ever-changing ways.

Friedrichshain is a conglomerate of the most varied lifestyles and a place where individuality can be revealed.
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