City site / location

The location for the planned ensemble of buildings with 37 apartments, one commercial unit and 18 underground car parking spaces is located in the Friedrichshain district, close to the Spee, Stralau Peninsula and Ostkreuz. The front façade of the existing building is on Markgrafendamm, the back on an enclosed courtyard and connects with the new building. The new building also connects with the southern gable of the neighbouring building Markgrafendamm 29 and the northern gable of Markgrafendamm 31. The penthouse floor is recessed. The courtyard space on the roof of the underground car park should supplement the residential quality as a result of intensive greening; a play area and common gardens will create an attractive atmosphere.

Building construction

The new building will have a reinforced construction. All ceilings will use reinforced concrete. They are flat roofs with point-based loading on internal supports and linear loading on the bearing walls. The load-bearing walls are brick or reinforced concrete depending on the static requirements. The underground garage and cellar will use water-impermeable concrete. The building's foundation will use a base plate that is also water-impermeable concrete. The thickness of the base plate is d= 30 cm to d= 50 cm depending on the static requirements. Around the reinforced concrete supports the base plate is thicker in line with the static requirements.

External walls / façade

The external walls of the new building will be reinforced concrete and/or load-bearing brickwork. Just like the existing building, they will also have a heat insulation system with a bright upper plaster layer. The street façade of the existing building will be optically upgraded with simple plasterwork. The base area will have imitation brickwork plastering. The sloping roofs will be covered with anthracite-coloured roof tiles. The façade areas of the new building's penthouse will be in (wave-shaped) aluminium sheeting.

Internal walls

The apartment dividers in the new building will be of solid construction (reinforced concrete, brickwork) as required by the static calculations. All non-load bearing internal walls will be light partition walls with plasterboard coverings to meet technical noise protection and fire protection requirements. Moisture-resistant plasterboard coverings will be used in wet areas. All edges between walls and walls to ceilings will be sealed with permanent elastic coatings. The apartment dividers in the old building are to be partition walls (thickness 20.5 cm) as required by the DIN standards.


The reinforced concrete ceilings in the new building will have filigree slabs. The ceilings in the old building have the classical wooden beam structure but will be hollowed out and closed with an oriented structural board plate. Underfloor heating will be installed on top of this.


The flat roof for the 6th floor penthouse will have a reinforced concrete design. The green roof on top has been designed as extensive roof greening. The stairway continues in a massive design up to the top floor.

Plumbing work

All plumbing work will be sheet zinc. The upper façade end will receive a parapet with a shadow gap; as an alternative sheet zinc moulding with an adequate undercut (drainage area).

Heating / hot water

The heating and hot water is supplied by district heating and solar energy. To further sustainable reductions in the heating costs, all apartments and the commercial unit are to be equipped with underfloor heating. The heating lines will be aluminium alloy pipes and laid invisibly in shafts or the floor structure. The bathrooms will have towel radiators.


The underground garage is cross-ventilated by the entrance and ventilation shafts in the northern rear plot area. The minimum ventilation opening of 3000 cm² per parking space is complied with. The other cellar areas are ventilated by air shafts. Internal bathrooms and WCs are given mechanical ventilation. A flue system with a minimum 1 m² free cross-section is planned to ventilate the stairwell.

Electrical installation

All rooms are equipped with an adequate number of switches and sockets (6-10 depending on the size of the room). The pipes are laid under plasterwork. The postbox system is located for all apartments in the entrance area of the existing building (stainless steel design).


The stairwell walls are plastered brickwork or reinforced concrete (lift shaft). The steps and landings are also reinforced concrete (in-situ concrete / finished parts) and, as is the case for the entrance area, receive an overall cover surface as per the architect's design proposals. The postbox system is located in the entrance area of each building (stainless steel design).

Windows / window sills

In the new building, wooden insulated glass windows with triple glazing (K-value 1.0) and tilt/turn hinges, mainly with room-high glazing, are used: colour white. The window cross bars of the floor-level windows to the street are given a profile bar in the Wilhimenian style - colour white. The doors and patio doors on the ground floor do not have profile bars (colour as stated by the architect).

Internal doors

The apartments receive sealed and self-closing entrance doors with a safety coating and DPC lock to prevent burglary. The internal doors are plywood (height 213.5 cm) with wooden surrounding fittings painted in white. They will receive light metal hinges and warded locks. All handles are stainless steel.


The residential rooms will have underfloor heating on a plaster structure on a sound insulating balancing layer. Bathrooms, WCs and utility rooms will be sealed to DIN standards.


Multiple layer parquet flooring will be laid on the floors. The kitchens and bathrooms will have a natural stone floor. The terraces will have a timber piling upper surface. The balconies on the existing building to the road will receive an artificial resin coating, colour as stated by the architect.

Outdoor areas

The garden courtyard will be arranged according to the free space plan. Exterior lights with energy-saving lights and dimmer switches will be fixed to the yard façade. The apartments on the ground floor will have a terrace and share of a garden. The private gardens will have turf and hedges for optical separation. The free areas of the joint property will be landscaped: lawns, plant beds, play area and seating will provide a pleasant living environment.


All wet rooms, bathrooms, showers, WCs and utility rooms will be tiled in some areas as per the design plan. Showers will be tiled to door height. All other areas will be painted white.

Bathrooms / showers / WCs / kitchens

The bathrooms are fitted with WCs, sinks, baths and / or showers. The hot/cold water regulation will be via single-lever mixer taps in superior quality (Phillip Stark etc.). All fittings will be white (brand: Keramag). The connections will be installed in facing walls. The guest WC will have a wall-hung WC and a sink; usually a shower. Hot and cold water meters will be installed. Internal bathrooms and WCs are given mechanical ventilation. Internal bathrooms and kitchens are described below:

Acrylic installed bath, flat showers with real glass dividers. Single-lever mixer taps with hand shower (rain-shower system), wall-hung porcelain WC with water-saving flush and automatically lowering WC seat. Porcelain sink 60 to 90 cm with single-lever mixer tap, washing machine connection.

The connections for water, waste water, dishwasher, fridge, and oven will be provided.


All walls and ceiling will be plastered where necessary and given a white overall coat of paint. The stairwell will be painted with an emulsion coating.


Terrace railings for the new building and the newly created balconies on the existing building facing the courtyard will be made from zinc-plated flat and/or round steel, handrails in stainless steel. The existing balcony railings will be renovated and painted steel-grey.

Outdoor areas

The play area's size and design will be in line with the play area regulations. There will be two pieces of equipment (large sandbox, climbing frame and slide), a bench and a sun-lounger.

Property drainage

The roofs will be drained to the property with ground-level drains. The areas with no ground-level drains (underground garage) will also have a drainage system that feeds to the ground-level drains for dispersal.

Play area

The play area's size and design will be in line with the play area regulations. There will be two pieces of equipment (large sandbox, climbing frame and slide), a bench and a sun-lounger.

Car parking / underground garage

The lower level houses the underground garage, apartment cellars and functional rooms (building equipment, bike storage). All areas are accessed via the stairwells. The entrance and exit lead directly onto Markgrafendamm. The access gate can be opened using a remote control or apartment key.

Rubbish store

There is a rubbish store on the ground floor next to the underground car park exit. The rubbish store is ventilated naturally to street level.


The kitchens shown and other furniture are not provided.