What makes the Markgrafendamm Project special is the correspondence between the modern new building and high-quality, renovated old one. In addition to matching the style elements of both building parts, the energy efficiency of the old buildings is maximised.

This is achieved by giving old and new apartments alike triple glazing, underfloor heating and insulated façades. And then there is the connection to district heating which also has a positive effect on the energy efficiency. Solar panels to reduce the energy costs associated with heating water are for us - just as in the completed "Kopernikushöfe" and "Grünberger Lofts" projects - already provided as standard.

These various measures result, in addition to sustainable energy savings, in the possibility of funding by Kfw-Bank.

Markgrafendamm 30 in Berlin Friedrichshain is a residential and living concept for individualists who want to experience the pulse of this special city but yet want to enjoy space to breathe alongside some peace and quiet.

The exclusive loft houses are integrated sensitively into the environment. They quote the style and have the flair of the district which has grown over time. Bright rooms with generous ceiling heights provide a lot of space for individual dreams of home. The floor plan designs are extremely flexible. Individual requirements can be taken into account. Give your creativity space.

It goes without saying that both the floor plans and size of the apartments are flexible. We are happy to design your individual XXL apartment, if you wish even a maisonette

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